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What's Included?

Below are General Cleaning services included for all Commercial Clients. If you don't see anything on the list  or require other services, please let us know! We can do it all!

DUST all furniture, appliances, desks, tables, window silll, baseboards, refridgerator top, microwave top

DISINFECT and WIPE down of countertops, toilets, urinals,sinks, door handles/knobs, cabinet doors, hand rails, switch plates, mantles, all touch points

VACUUM - all carpet and floor areas

MOP and dry all bare floors (bathrooms, office rooms, lobby, customer waiting areas, meeting rooms, etc)

TIDY up all  areas

Need More Info?

Book a FREE NO OBLIGATION Initial Cleaning Assessment! We'll come out and assess your facility and provide you with a written ESTIMATE at NO CHARGE!

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